Proposal for new public command to construct url with query parameters

(1) By akupries1 on 2018-12-06 06:46:42

I recently had to construct an url for `wapp-redirect`, which had to
contain query parameters.

Found no nice aPI for constructing such an url, with the qp properly

In the end I found `wappInt-enc-qp` and used it roughly like

    append target [wapp-param BASE_URL]
    append target ?sid=[wappInt-enc-qp $sid]
    append target &email=[wappInt-enc-qp $email]
    append target &submitter=[wappInt-enc-qp $submitter]
    wapp-redirect $target

This works. It also depends on wapp internals, and does not look not
very nice.

I would like to propose to expose the general functionality through a
command like

	`wapp-make-url <BASE> arg...`

where the args are key/value pairs and the proc perform the qp encoding
of the values.

My code from above would then become/look like

    set target [wapp-make-url [wapp-param BASE_URL] \
	sid       $sid \
	email     $email \
	submitter $submitter