Wapp Commands

Wapp is really just a collection of TCL procs. All procs are in a single file named "wapp.tcl".

The procs that form the public interface for Wapp begin with "wapp-". The implementation uses various private procedures that have names beginning with "wappInt-". Applications should use the public interface only.

The most important Wapp interfaces are:

Understand the four interfaces above, and you will have a good understanding of Wapp. The other interfaces are merely details.

The following is a complete list of the public interface procs in Wapp:

Caution #1: When using Tcl 8.6 or earlier, command substitution, but not variable substitution, occurs outside of the quoted regions. This problem is fixed using the new "-command" option to the regsub command in Tcl 8.7. Nevertheless, it is suggested that you avoid using the "[" character outside of the %-quotes. Use "[" instead.

Caution #2: The %html() and similar %-substitutions are parsed using a regexp, which means that they cannot do matching parentheses. The %-substitution is terminated by the first close parenthesis, not the first matching close-parenthesis.