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Ticket: 207094dd9de1343af9d874b8562fc1b4169c3e44
Multiple request in progress can step on each others toes
User & Date: mjanssen 2019-07-30 19:30:38

  1. icomment:
    It's some weird interaction with the Tcl http package.
    Your adapted script below reproduces the issue for me whereas your original script doesn't.
    source ./wapp.tcl
    package require http
    proc wapp-default {} {
      wapp-trim {
        <p>Visit the <a href='%html([wapp-param BASE_URL]/slow)'>slow</a>
        page for a slow-to-load case.</p>
    proc wapp-page-slow {} {
      set tok [http::geturl "http://www.google.com"]
      http::cleanup $tok
      set x [expr {abs(int(rand()*100000))}]
      for {set i 0} {$i<20000000} {incr i} {
        set x [expr {$x+1}]
      wapp-trim {
        <h1>Slow page</h1>
        <p>x = %html($x)</p>
    wapp-start $argv
  2. login: "mjanssen"
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