commands.md database section

commands.md database section

(1) By anonymous on 2022-08-01 10:17:26 [source]

With commit d739a6767c the following text was prepended to docs/commands.md:

if {[info exists Q(delacct)] && [info exists Q(acct)]} {
  db eval {SELECT rowid FROM entry WHERE acct=$Q(acct)} break                                            
  if {![info exists rowid]} {                                                                            
    db eval {                                                                                            
      DELETE FROM account WHERE name=$Q(acct)                                                            
  unset Q(acct)                                    
which is just displayed as text. I think it was included by accident, or is it a TH1 script which must be somehow wrapped in some tag?

Thanks for this cool framework (and SQLite and Fossil) by the way!